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Thread: Finding Nemo Fakes

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    I just searched on kazaa and found several 'finding nemo complete avi.' 450mb files so i proceded to d/l 2 of them. when they finally d/led they were just blank files(not my media player/divx it is well upto date on the codecs) and when i checked on 'dupecheck' the film had not been released on the ptp/bittorrent etc... network so my time was wasted.

    my point is WHY would some sad individual spend time creating a file of nothing to trick others..havent they got a life.

    HOW did they create a 450mb file of nothing.

    OR am i just crap and the file was genuine and im just not using the correct media player.(there is about 5 450mb versions on the kazaa search results)

    Finally if there is a genuine 'finding nemo' could i have a hash pls cheers

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    i dont know but if i see another topic that says why do they do this im gonna drive over there and knock out the users eyes

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    The release date is May 30th. I seriously doubt you'll find it until then.

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    They do it to piss people like you off who don't use sites like vcdquality or the verifieds here to find new films before they hit the theatre. No offense meant by the people like you but kazaa is full of lamers a new movie will break in newsgroups and irc then hit bittorent and emule and lastly kazaa. They know noobs will search the film on there and thus make all these fakes to get you to waste your time. It's like virus makers. Why do it?

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    People who label Fakes are truly LAME,
    use AVI preview alittle after starting your
    download, saves wasting your time.

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    I AGREE!!! I had downloaded the nimo pack like 40 times... You wanna know what happened?.. Well im going to tell you any ways, First it makes kazaa have unlimited uploads, then it makes kazaa have have unlimited badwidth. So I then downloaded the kazaa lite codec package and every thing works... gotta luv kazza lite!

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    Folks....really...there is absolutely no reason to ask for a copy of a film, unless its only a few days away. Time and time again...its been shown that the cams and telesyncs will only leak a few days before. If you see a file claiming to be the film like 3 weeks or even two weeks before...its 99% guaranteed to be a fake. Now of course there are some exceptions to this rule (Bulletproof Monk comes to mind)...but for the most part its true. Oh and Geeza....very nice sig

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    MY ADVICE: dunt download anythin thats hasnt cum out yet...and wen it does cum out use verifieds...hope dis helps B)

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    I'm still here.

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    CheerZ Grogg, The Hulk Rulez !
    Cant wait for the Movie.

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    Theres a movie?!?! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

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