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Thread: What ISP do you use? (UK)

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    hugh.jeego's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +3
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    May 2005
    I'm using BT, and have been for many years, but they are far too expensive. I currently on 2mb but ppl who sign up at the moment get 6mb for the same price. If they dont upgrade me without making me sign a new 12month contract, im gonna change isp, because i have no reason to stay with them. Their customer service is poor and their prices are too high.

    What isp do you use (in the UK)? Are they any good? Please rate them out of 5 for the following catagories...


    ISP: BT
    Price: 2
    Speed: 3
    Reliability: 4
    Cus Service: 2

    i'm contantly confused

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    price...4 (17.49 for 10 meg after telling them im off)
    speed 3/4 (sometimes it drops to 6/7meg)
    reliability 3
    cus service 4 (never had a problem with them and as i mentioned when i said im off they halved my bill)

    different people will give totally different answers about NTL but im happy enough with them
    Widnes,home of the vikings!

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    Colt Seevers's Avatar P()()p!3 $CR/-\P3R$ BT Rep: +3
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    ISP: Pipex Max
    Price: 3
    Speed: 1 (1 meg ADSL )
    Reliability: 3
    Cus Service: 1 (Piss poor)

    I wanna switch to Be ISP and give this ADSL2 a go, but i'm locked into a years contract with Pipex at the mo.. Only another 5 (ish)months to go, then I will definatley be shopping around.

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    Aaron_T's Avatar A duck is watching.
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    Oct 2003
    Newcastle Upon Tyne
    ISP: Tiscali
    Price: 5
    Speed 3 (when i actually get the speed i pay for)
    Reliability 2
    Cus Service 1 (guys from india who cant speak english and dont know anything about anything)

    Terrible ISP, warning to all: do not go with tiscali you will regret it.
    Those who dont learn from the past are doomed to repeat It.

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    I was with f2s which would have had 5's across the board but then they got taken over by pipex...

    Price: 5
    Speed: 2 - Pipex started bandwidth shaping so i can only download at around 100kb/s now (this used to be nearer 800kb/s)
    Reliability: 3 - Ive started to notice the network dropping more often recently.
    Cust Service: Look at this

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    Sep 2006
    isp ntl
    price 17.50
    speed 4/5 10 meg
    cant wait when they pull out 20meg hehe

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    I use Be ( It's advertised as 24meg, but I get 16meg, and I'm pretty happy with that! Couldn't recommend them enough!

    If you do sign up with Be PM me and I'll give you a referral code, we'll both get a month free!

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    mbucari1's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35
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    Jan 2007
    bellsouth dsl. sux cuz slow upload speed.

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    Im with the cable crowd on this one.

    Speed:4/5 10meg
    Price:2 I'm still paying full whack for this one at the moment, I'm guessing you others guys were at the end of your contract when they halfed it for you?
    Cus:2 But then to be honest I never expect much from a cus anymore.
    Reliabilty:4 So far I had 2 interuptions (both less than 4 hours) and never any speed drops etc.

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    popopot's Avatar To Me, To You BT Rep: +5
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    Feb 2007
    Just over there

    So far, so good. Got upgraded to the 10 Mbit/s service after threatening to leave and can't wait for the free upgrade to 20 Mbit/s. However, the upload speed is only going up to 754? Kbits/s, which is a bit pants. Never had any complaints about downloading or uploading too much. Very consistent service with the exceptional reboot of the modem.

    Now is a great time to try and get a free upgrade because of their quarrel with Sky. I just told them I was getting Sky broadband and they through Mbits at me!

    If I had a BT landline I would try Be.

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