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Thread: Most Dissapointing Album

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    Whats an album u have bought and couldn't wait to hear it heard all the hype about it it could be one of your favourite groups but only to find out is is exremly dissapointing?

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    believe by disturbed! good god that kinda made me mad.... i only like about 2 songs on that 1 the sickness was mucho better

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    Pink Floyd - The Final Cut

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    staind - break the cycle
    i only listened to it once

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    Manic Street Preachers - The Holy Bible

    after Generation Terrorists and Gold Against The Soul I was expecting more

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    Mariah Scarey... unplugged.... still doesn't know why i ever bought that one...

    @P@uLo - Staind (Break the cycle) well i should give it another try... i kinda like that album..

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    Guns N'Roses- Use Your Illusion- Both of 'em
    5 years of waiting after Appetite, then 2 albums of shit

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    wow, where do i start? it seems all the bands i loved as a kid are coming back, but commercialised to buggery, or just plain crap. i.e;

    the offspring - americano
    smashing pumpkins - adore
    limp bizkit - significant other
    weezer - maladroit
    rhcp - californication.

    the list can go on and on, its sad when a band sells out.

    the one that disapointed me the most was "daisy chainsaw - eleventeen", i was told it had been delisted, so i trailed old record shops, car boots, you name it - i did it. then i discovered it on ebay, the shipping was delayed for ages for some stupid reason, and when i finally played it, i hated it. oh well. i played it a few more times and its beginning to grow on me at last.
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    Love- The Cult...absolute dogshit of an album

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    To be honest, I expected a lot more from 'OK Computer' from Radiohead. It wasn't a bad album at all, but it wasn't that great as I imagined it would have been.

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