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Thread: Have your ever been "on the scene"?

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    Mar 2007
    If yes, how did you got there and what did you do?

    PS. I guess everyone knows what scene I'm talking about.

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    Yea, started long ago with a group called "Paradox". I worked for CBM -Commodore Business Machines and had access to tons of C64 and Amiga stuff.

    That's how I got my start. On a 1200 baud modem, using PBX's and stolen MCI cards to call the overseas BBS'.

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    I dont know the way scene group find their supplier ?

    I mean if you're a potential supplier , can access to decent source , how can U join the scene ?
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    Look for .nfo file on there release maybe they are looking for new members and give an adress to contact
    1338 - Above leetz0rs

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    I've been wanting to get Scene Axx scene ages

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    can an insider tell a little of what they have there. Is each group just a collection of FTP's that people have access to? Are there different levels/rankings of scene groups?

    a friend of a friend in rl was in it a while ago. I'm hopefully gonna get some more info from him and probably get hooked up.

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    yes..plz explain how to join the scene?

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    there are ways like suppling free hardware, private dumps, supplie whatever they need, or know the right people. Im prety shure that no one will tell you more than that here.
    Anyway, why do you need acces if you have our beloved p2p apps that you can just run the and be back at the end of the day to get your goodies?. On the scene unless you get leech, you will need to stay on front of your pc all the time racing stuff to get credits, plus you will have to get on some expences like a shell, to satay anonymouse.
    sorry for my english

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    lulz. You guys are funny

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    All you need to do is e-mail and ask him for axx

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