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Thread: Halo 3 USENET Video Partition NTSC is REAL!

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    For those of you that are getting the Ass Clown release, will you please post your results when you finish? From what I have heard on irc, the Video Partition NTSC release is the real deal. If anyone can shed some more light on this (Im at work) it would be greatly appreciated. I started getting Video Partition release this morning since there was 24 rar files up already.

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    heard so much about this game about whats fake an whats real. friend of mine who works down in london phoned me this morn to say he got his hands on a retail pal version. a;; i can say if its in peoples hands it'll be uploaded soon. i only trust posts off this site so just wait till the nzb gets poster here. if ull 100% get ur hand on it on 26/9/07 lol

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    Code: ???!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by uberd0g View Post

    Code: ???!!
    How did you see that?

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    its just the uploader name/email, it's ust made up, mine is lol you can choose whatever you want

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    Phew...was thinking we had another fake...

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    From what I understand this is the real one. Its still being upped, but hopefully we will be able to play it with this new news of a ban. That would suck!

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    so do I understand this correctly, we have this version, assclowns and blackholes? or is this version assclowns version? and I know they write NTSC in mostly all games that are region free anyway, so hoping this is region free or I really will just burst into tears.

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    my dad a member of privite site were nzbs get posted there were too halo3 post on there Halo 3 USENET Video Partition NTSC was removed 10 mins ago?????

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