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    Well after Metrostars comments on starting up my own webpage with my DVD sleeve designs, ive gone and done it...All covers are free to download & if u fancy uploading your own designs contact me by email at the address on the site..Come and have a look..Its in the early stages but i will be improving the site greatly over the coming weeks!!!

    U can try either link to the site (both work fine)....



    CoverNet link2

    To all them peeps who uploaded their artworks to the old named site (Cover Design pro.) dont worry i'm posting them up right now (had to get a new webspace provider)...Thanks for the patience!!!
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    Anyone looking for a 'SWAT' dvd cover..come and have a look 'ere..


    Its shaping up to look like one awesome movie..Out August 1st i think?!?!
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    nice site.....really good covers

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    I have a new 'Movieworld' Forum on my Covers website..and i need please, please come along and sign up..the more the merrier..use this link and then click on the Forum logo at bottom of page..cheers!!!!
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    GR8 job Slim, your site kicks ass, oh so do the covers, I have bin recomending u 2 freinds in the UK and NY, got sum good fedback especally on the T3 covers...

    Keep up the good work man...........

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    Hey if not for your advice Metro i would have done nothing about, a thousand blessings to you?!!? Cheers for the comments m8..and yeah if u could recommend my site to ya friends (i need more members for my Movie Forum, hey sign up y'self Metro..Pleeeassse!!&#33.
    Oh yeah Metro before I go I'm hoping your old keeper does good for us (I'm a Manchester United supporter), looks like he has a lot of potential..hope he settles here in sunny England...

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    g8 site thx

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    God dam, every 1n supports Man u of this fourm, Tim Howard will b a hit at Man u , i will bet my shared folder on it... well he will b a hit if Alex Ferguson plays him.. i just hope the Man u supporters and other teams go easy on him cos of his Tourette's..

    but check out this link..

    Sure i will sign up for your board..

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    With the real Man.U supporters and the people of the North West he will go down a treat..They r calling him the new Schmeichel already.. i reckon this guy has potential..i've seen a few clips of the guy playing and he looks the shit!! Yeah he will get some barracking about his Tourettes..but if it dont bother him (which it dont) then f**k them un-educated pricks (they will be the same ape-people who called David Beckham, saying 'We hope ya child dies of Cancer'..F***in idiots!&#33....Cheers for the signup in my lowly Forum Metro... Now come on the rest of ya!!!!

    I got Booted from Xbox Scene Forum...Proud??...You Betcha!!

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    It's all true Slim, and u may have a lowly Forum but u r a member of the best fourm in the world, and u have a gr8 site offering sum gr8 shit, how many other folks r doing that..........

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