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View Poll Results: Do you download cams, or do you wait for a DVD Rip/DVD-R?

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  • I like to download cams as soon as they are out.

    1 1.85%
  • I like to wait for a high quality DVD Rip/DVD-R.

    46 85.19%
  • I like to download the cam, and then download the DVD Rip/DVD-R when it is released.

    7 12.96%
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Thread: Cam or DVD Rip/DVD-R?

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    respawn40's Avatar Phoenix Wright :D BT Rep: +2
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    May 2008
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    As you all know, 0-day trackers are full of movie cams and movie DVD Rips/DVD-R's. My question is, do you download the cam as soon as it is released, or you do wait to download a higher quality DVD Rip/DVD-R?

    I like to wait for DVD Rips, as I want a quality movie, and cams just don't do it for me. I don't need to see a movie as soon as it is released. Please vote and discuss
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    deadalive1's Avatar VS ***** BT Rep: +2
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    I personally hardly ever download CAM releases. DVD Screeners , R5's (especially with line audio) and DVD Rips are mostly what I download.

    Edit: Couldn't vote , as my option wasn't available
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    Septimus's Avatar -- Nicolas -- BT Rep: +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65
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    Always DVD-R

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    slimdogp's Avatar Token White Kid BT Rep: +1
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    May 2007
    Sad to say I've been watching alot of cam/ts lately. Some movies I just had to see

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    c0njur's Avatar ? BT Rep: +1
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    Jul 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by deadalive1 View Post
    I personally hardly ever download CAM releases. DVD Screeners , R5's (especially with line audio) and DVD Rips are mostly what I download.
    ^ What he said

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    Ghostbusters's Avatar Ectoplasmic
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    Apr 2008
    Download DVD-R only they look awesome on Blu-Ray player & HD tv upscaled to 1080

    Not to mention full DD / DTS sound, thats what I'm talking about !

    Gave up on DVD-Rips years ago it's a pain in the ass and time consuming to encode them and they look blocky and horrible

    Cam's have always been unacceptable to me they completely ruin the experience.
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    ahcorac72's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +22BT Rep +22BT Rep +22BT Rep +22BT Rep +22
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    Jan 2008
    Generally i wait for dvdrips or dvd, because have more quality.
    But when are movies that i really want see, i download cam, and latter i can download dvdrip.

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    Squizzle's Avatar (""\(O.o)/"")
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    Feb 2007
    I'll always grab the DVDR when it arrives, got hundreds of the damn things, love the menus / surround sound / picture quality / quick extract and burn process involved. Can download them in an hour or so even on my naff ADSL, no big deal.

    If there are CAMs, TS's, whatever floating around nice and early then i'll usually nab those too, usually for friends etc that wanna see the movies as soon as possible.

    *goes back to watching Prison Break Season Two DVDR's*

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    I hate cams or TS's. Useless pieces of low quality movies that I never want to touch. yes, I am very picky.

    but I will get the occasional one if I am really itching to see it...

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    pbjabba's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +11BT Rep +11BT Rep +11
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    Jun 2007
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    I cannot stand watching cams or ts's. I wait for r5's or screeners, i don't get dvd-r's coz i don't have the bandwidth or download allowance to support many of em
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