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Thread: tv-vault

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    behind the turntables
    what can you tell me about tv-vault?

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    here m8

    if you want screens, pm me.


    isn't the owner of this site same as that of cinemageddon? He has same nick and same title...and prolly same avatar as well.

    If so, sign up with eyes closed
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    yes, its the same owner.

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    Yup,it's CG's owner who's started TV-vault.I'm thrilled to see such an initiative,if this goes as planned then bitmetv might lose its significance.

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    don't know where


    • Maximum Users: 10,000
    • Enabled Users: 929
    • Online Users: 0
    • Users active today: 884
    • Users active this week: 918
    • Users active this month: 918
    • Torrents: 51
    • Albums: 8
    • Artists: 0
    • Requests: 0 (0.00% filled)
    • Snatches: 104
    • Peers: 286
    • Seeders: 166
    • Leechers: 120
    • Seeder/Leecher Ratio: 1.38

    new but pretty nice i hope keep a good ratio isn't hard like
    if new tv shows would be too, i hope it'll more populer than...
    nice tracker for who love older rare tv shows...

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    Quote Originally Posted by hatzil007 View Post
    yes, its the same owner.
    thnx for the confirmation.

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    TV Vault is a new private tracker that aims to specialize in rare and old television series. The first thing I noticed about this tracker immediately after I joined was the Gazelle codebase as only a handful number of trackers (including use this as of yet.

    Anyway it is still too early to say whether TV-Vault as a torrent site would succeed or not as the site is brand new. However it does show a lot of promise. There are not many trackers specializing in old TV series and the decision to go with the Gazelle codebase shows the admin's desire to experiment. At the moment there are 364 users and 25 torrents indexed but these numbers are sure to grow as the word spreads. As for the content tracked, here is what the administrator had to say about it:

    "well, tv vault doesn't want to be like all the other tv sites out there, not because it's emo but because it appreciates that most new and popular tv is crap, just like we do. if you agree with us then we might have a beautiful relationship ahead of us"


    * Action
    * Advertising
    * Animation
    * Chatshow
    * Comedy
    * Documentary
    * Drama
    * Family
    * Gameshow
    * Music
    * Sci-Fi
    * Soap
    * Thriller
    * Other

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    i like what i see i think its gonna be big
    Iy Looov eet

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    If interested,
    Content guidelines:
    TV Vault is, as the name implies, intended for older and harder-to-find TV shows; we do not want ANY new releases or prereleases. In order to qualify, uploads must meet the following criteria:
    • Absolutely no sports, reality shows, or news broadcasts. The latter may be excused in case of some historical significance, but must be approved by staff before uploading.
    • Uploads must either be of a show which has already aired, or a rejected pilot.
    • The show must have actually aired on TV - straight-to-video/DVD releases are only allowed on a case-by-case basis if they're particularly relevant to the series, so ask in Customs & Excise first.
    • Any episode of the show in question must not have had its first airing in its country of origin within the last four years, to the nearest year. The cutoff point is currently January 1st, 2004. You can check these dates on The Futon Critic.
    • The show must not appear on this list: (list to come)

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    Very nice.

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