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Thread: The scene, a couple questions

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    I have a couple questions about the scene, out of curiosity.

    How exactly does it run? It seems like all the sites, TL, SCC, SCT, GFT, IPT, ect. ect all seem to get the exact same releases. For example if the latest True blood comes out from DIMENSION, every single site releases true blood from that exact group, not to mention its the exact same torrent.

    I was under the assumption that there are various P2L "scene" topsites that released content through ftp. If thats the case, shouldn't there be different releases from each site? How do all releases end up being the exact same? Is there some massive above all magical scene land where all groups release, then gets distributed to the P2L sites? I remember once some story about how when "TVland" or something like that was down, ScT had slower than usual pretimes. That would seem to indicate that perhaps different sites use different sites, so how does each P2L site manage to get the exact same releases? How does the scene manage to cooirdinate this? (And how it seems like there are rarely, if ever duplicate torrents from different groups? Is there some way they check if another group has released it?).

    Last but not least, how do they manage to release all this material? Do they actually have bots, who are programmed to record from a tv, put in on their pc, automatically cut out the commercials, check if its a duplicate release, then release it if it isn't? That seems like some pretty advanced crap. Not to mention all the games, movies, CAMs, and prereleases that seem to come out before products are even available to the public (xmen?). If they don't have these amazingly programmed bots (and even if they do), how do they manage? This seems like it would almost be like a full time job Is it worth it?

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    this is a very condensed version of many answers to your many questions.

    all the scene is, is a mass of release groups who obtain media (DVDs, CDs, games, tv shows, applications etc.) very often times ahead of the actual release date. these release groups then usually use very fast gbit lines to transfer their releases to topsites who then give limited access to smaller "vaults." the basic idea of the scene is for scene releases to only be distributed to other scene groups who contribute and obtain different types of media. certain ftp sites who might have topsite access sometimes sell or otherwise upload releases to bittorrent sites. as soon as a release is released on a topsite, everything else is automatic. usually bots automatically download releases as soon as they are released.

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    Scene has standards. You don't see dupes because they get nuked. There's probably someway to check releases as well.

    Regarding the 'they all have the exact same torrents' yes the mainstream torrents such as true blood for example are probably uploaded to the rls group FTP or FXP, whatever, and the topsites and affils all leech it. It's kind of like a chain of toy stores for example. They might be different but they all have a popular toy if it comes out.

    As for cams that's obvious, just go into a theater and record. Voilą CAM. Screeners and R5's get leaked by some people that obtain a copy. Same with games, programs. Not sure exactly how it is with tv shows but i don't think it's a bot, just a guy with a tv card that caps shows, (maybe encodes?) then uploads.

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    Torrent sites are into pretime because just like them, topsites are affiliated with each other and racers move the stuff between sites with servers just like seedboxer uploaders.

    True scene sites are not supposed to be p2l. I think some of the torrent uploaders are legitimate sceners using their street cred to race to torrent sites. Some are paying. That's all pretty secretive naturally.

    Sceners get their material through various and sundry sources. Maybe it's a clerk at Best Buy. Or maybe someone in the studio. As for tv, that comes from cappers, who tape the show via a tv tuner and then run in through various encoding processes.

    It's all a race. Whoever pre's an episode or movie first according to the scene rules, WINS. If anything, an Internal will be allowed to pre without being nuked, in order to release something really high quality. Otherwise, whoever is first wins and nobody else can spread their release.

    Most of the releases are propagated by high end servers using scripts, just like your good torrent sites. Each topsite is run by a few individuals, like ops to an irc chan.

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    Is Bt is missing a lot of content that is released by the scene?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pone44 View Post
    Is Bt is missing a lot of content that is released by the scene?
    You're right, BT doesn't have a LOT of Scene releases.

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    For further information you might want to check here: hxxp://

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    Quote Originally Posted by pone44 View Post
    Is Bt is missing a lot of content that is released by the scene?
    Unfortunately yes, but the scene is also missing some of the content available on P2P

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    Quote Originally Posted by pone44 View Post
    Is Bt is missing a lot of content that is released by the scene?
    If you browse any of the pre databases, you'll see there is a lot of non-English language releases, apps and xxx, all sorts of less mainstream stuff, that doesn't get leaked usually.

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    Not every site uses p2l. And "racers" fxp releases from different sites to different sites (when i say sites i mean ftp's). There can be multiple racers transferring one file at the same time, for example if Entourage.S06E07.HDTV.XviD-NoTV is pre'd, 10 different racers, all on different ftps, could all race it to another site. This would be at exceptional speed.
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