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Thread: Building and Selling Computers. Need Advice to Sell! Help!

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    Hey guys, I am building custom gaming computers for a side business and I am looking for the best way to sell them. I have tried eBay and local seller sites in my area like "craigslist" but nothing has come of it. I was told that there may be a forum I can join where I can sell them? Does anyone have experience selling any type of hardware or electronics online. Please let me know, it would be a great help!

    Thanks as always 8-)
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    If I were you I wouldn't focus on selling online but more on selling around your area. There's so much competition online that you don't stand much of a chance to make a profit. I'd place ads in local paper or even in stores where they have boards for that. I think having a sense of proximity with your potential customers would stimulate sales.

    My 2 cents

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    Yeah, you will be able to make the highest margins by selling locally. I would suggest you develop some sort of "brand" on the computer case like Alienware, and then decide whether you will do made-to-order computers or a standard model that with badass components. Throw up flyers at high schools, LAN centers, etc..

    Good luck.


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