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Thread: Article: PlayStation 3 Hackers Uncover System Master Key, Open Up the Console

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    Only on the JPN console? So it's pretty much useless for NTSC/PAL consoles?

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    no, for ALL consoles. fat, slim, and all regions. the ps3 is now completely open pretty much. hackers can do whatever they want on it.

    most of the hackers working on the ps3 now are the same ones that worked on the wii... so, we should be seeing a lot of similar stuff that a hacked wii can do, and much more!
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    Interesting development

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    Ever since the Sony music CD root kit scandal, I have refused to buy anything from them. My mothers Sony DVD player refuses to play even many store bought disks because they are way too aggressive with their DRM. So, hack away, but don't expect me to buy one. I won't give Sony a dime anymore, their on my shoot list along with Nero for taking a great application and driving it into the ground.

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    Following up to the amazing recent release of the PS3 root key by geohot earlier today on our forums, it did not take long for our valued PSX-SCENE members to start working on the v3.50 appldr keys!

    Within hours, thanks to our talented PSX-SCENE developer netkas the lock was quickly picked for v3.50 apps:

    Originally Posted by netkas
    thx to geohot metldr keys i was able to find 3.5 - appldr key

    decrypted vsh.self and pne of 3.50 keys game with it, its real!


    erk: 94 5b 99 c0 e6 9c af 05 58 c5 88 b9 5f f4 1b 23
    26 60 ec b0 17 74 1f 32 18 c1 2f 9d fd ee de 55

    riv: 1d 5e fb e7 c5 d3 4a d6 0f 9f bc 46 a5 97 7f ce
    p.s. sry, hexdump messed byte order to little endian int16, fixed now
    And of course quickly followed up by grabbing the v3.41 keys:

    Originally Posted by n4ru
    Got it working now, yea.
    Wondering if app-key-341 and app-iv-341 are floating around somewhere.

    Originally Posted by netkas
    erk: 83 8f 58 60 cf 97 cd ad 75 b3 99 ca 44 f4 c2 14
    cd f9 51 ac 79 52 98 d7 1d f3 c3 b7 e9 3a ae da

    riv: 7f db b2 e9 24 d1 82 bb 0d 69 84 4a dc 4e ca 5b
    What does this all mean to the end-user, well the goal is now you might be able to very soon play those impossible games like Gran Turismo 5 and Need 4 Speed: Hot Pursuit on your v3.41 Jailbroken consoles, because now thanks to the hard-thankless-work of our valued PSX-SCENE members you be able to decrypt those games EBOOT.bin that were complied by Sony using their SDK v3.50. As you can see, they changed the keys between v3.41 to v3.50 to stop us PS3 Jailbreakers from play the latest and hottest games.

    Stay tuned to PSX-SCENE like always to bring you the latest and best in the mad-hatter PS3 scene!

    Best part IMO (sure the keys leaking are great but......)
    We basically learned that the PS3 security is now “epic fail”, and the 360 is currently a more secure system compared to the PS3.


    Means GT5, N4S playable soon...just in time for Drakes Uncharted III....but bad thing here is, if Sony make s huge hardware update of some kind, there games will not play on the old "systems" so who know what here going to do.
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