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Thread: Article: Stunning case makes other PCs look kind of dull and boring

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    Looks like something the Elephant Man would have designed....
    and what was the point of the car in the beginning of that vid?
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    Love a great case but I still prefer to have mine kinda behind the scene.
    For all it's worth I still don't get why everything has to have LED's everywhere yes I understand the awesomeness of it but still when I walk out of my media room and turn the lights off it looks like a UFO landed in there
    Gonna get a thumb scanner on the door just for the wow factor

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    It's fugly and looks like dog shit.

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    reminds me of the big old ps2

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    @Duke. The point of the car is that BMW had a hand in designing these level 10 cases with thermaltake. Personally I like the initial look of it. I do like the original better still. If I remember correctly though the price when the first level 10 case came out was about $1000 US not $700 as in the article.

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    The Glass pane is a bit of an ego trip. Really , who needs that ?
    The other elements look pretty nice.
    But it's all a little childish. You know ? , like it's sitting in the bedroom of a acne riddled 18 year old gamer.

    I would much rather have an elegent case , one that has SILENT inducing features, sit's neatly where a dvd player used to live ( doesn't look out of place with HD tv) , and has ALL access sockets on the back.

    Zalman HD503 ( Similar Price )

    Zalman HD501 ( Cheaper)
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