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Thread: Article: Youtube will send users to Copyright School

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    This is a joke now. Why can't offenders take responsibility for their actions? How can you not know that copyright infringement is illegal? Think of it logicically, you obtain material you would otherwise have to pay for.

    No doubt some hardcore p2per will think of some arguments that puts the responsibility back on the owner. After all it's the owners fault that they [infringer] are infringing copyright.
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    I guess the concern is for the 12 year old's that don't understand the consequences of their actions. Better for them to learn it from idiottube than from some RIAA jackass looking to make his name as a lawyer. But the rule always applies, let them all download and let the courts sort it out. Teach your kids, learn about computers, don't get sued.

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    I don't know, when I was young I would record TV shows onto VHS tape and lend them out or show them to friends. In most ways this is no different, its just the internet is so world wide, and thats not the offenders fault. If they see something funny and you want to share it with others like a TV show the producers should be flattered not contemptuous. I also transfered all my albums to cassette tape but the music industry wasn't crying then. If they post a pre-release movie or one that's still at the theaters, I can understand that, most of those videos are such poor quality its not funny anyway. It's Utube that's making the change to HD and pushing the quality up, not the posters.


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