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Thread: Can Anyone Help Me, Kazaa Lite Starts But It Wont

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    I dont know whats wrong, it never loads. Actully, it's more like it freezes everytime I open it.

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    That is a pic of my desktop when I open Kazaa Lite. And It happens with all Kazaa Lite related programs. Like Kazaa lite 2.4.3,(Which I always used, and is the same one where the problem started to show up.)2.3, 2.2, even Clean KMD 2.4.4!

    It just stays like that and does not do anything. It basically freezes.

    Can anyone help. thanks.

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    what RAM does ur PC have?
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    it used to work and now recently it strated doing this??

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    Yes, it used to work, now its doing that. It never goes beyond what you see in the picture of my desktop.

    My RAM is about 64 megabytes.

    I looked through the forum and found a couple of topics which are some what similar to what I have. There, they told the poeple with the problem that there was a bad .dat file in their shared folder,and to delete the db folder.

    Well, I did that, from all teh kazaa folders. I also moved all of of the files in my shared folder to a temporary folder, but it still didnt work.

    Oddly enough, Clean KMD 2.6 seems to work but the rest don't. I really dont like CKMD2.6, it's not like K-lite 2.4.3, and its seems to be slower.

    Can anyone help me further.

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    what is your os??

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    it might be your ram, see xp it self recommends 256MB of ram, you only have 64.

    also tell me where you found your db folder

    and do you set it to start with xp??

    what is your firewall??

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    Ok, I checked my system and it turns out that my RAM is this:
    Capacity: 126.48 MB

    My db folder was in C:\Documents &Settings\**username**\application data\kazaalite\db\

    There was another one in C:\Program files\Kazaa Lite\db\

    It is not set to start when windows starts.

    And I dont think I have a firewall, LOL unless there is a way i could check if i have one.

    Another thing, there are two main users on this computer.
    User A has k-lite with the shared folder in C:\My Shared Folder.
    User B has k-lite with the shared folder in C:\Program Files\Kazaa Lite\My Shared Foder.

    Actually, now that I remember, the problem started when I looged on as User B and then K-lite started to show those problems. Before, it worked on User A, but after the problems showed up on User B, they started to happen on User A also.

    Anyway, now, I deleted all the Kazaa folders, moved all my files to a diffrent folder and got rid of ALL my shared folders.

    So, got an idea.

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    save your files from shared folder to temp folder then

    you need to uninstall klite( any versions you have)

    go to program file delete any kazaa folder you see

    delete any db folder you have

    do this for all users and versions

    what seems to have happen is that you have 2 different klites on your pc boss.

    one is the newer one that has the shared folder under c:drive and db folder under application data,

    then you got the older one which has both shared folder and db folder under program files.

    clean pc of all traces of kazaa, run av and adaware to clean pc, reboot, then install klite 2.4.4 or klr2.5.0 or k-lite2.6 from here, for now choose only one then let me know if it works or not

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    Ok, I'll do that, but one thing???
    What is that link that you gave me for??? It only takes me to another forum where I cant seem to get into any topics.

    Was I supposed to download from there?

    Anyway, I'll do what you told me and I report once I'm done.

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