• Wii 2 to Launch with GTA V(?)

    In bizarre murmurings that have had the entirety of gamingdom in a bit of a conversational tizz today, rumours are running riot that Nintendo’s 2012-bound new console, the Wii 2 (that’s so… boring) will be the first system to claim the as-yet unannounced Grand Theft Auto V. I’ve checked my calendar and it’s most definitely not April 1st right now, so it might pay to check out just where this insane idea first emanated from. Ah, what’s this, it’s sleuthy French site, 01.net…

    Normally, you’d read something like that and write it off as nutty gamer speculation, but hold the phone – 01.net have a bit of a pedigree where this kind of thing’s concerned, having accurately leaked the specifications for Sony’s NGP well ahead of any official announcements. According to their unnamed but talkative source, Nintendo’s new console – codenamed ‘Project Café’ – will be unveiled at E3 in June, and rather resembles a tablet; “an iPad with buttons.” Allegedly it will also function on par with the power of the Xbox 360, but the most interesting thing to come out of 01.net on this front is that Nintendo plan to deliver a game very “early” in the console’s life-cycle.

    Said game is wildly (and that’s wildly with crazy flailing limbs, and drooling) alleged to be Grand Theft Auto V, in line with Nintendo’s new-found bid to “win over core gamers.” Hey, you never know: they already worked together for the greater bad with Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars on the DS...

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    1. duke0102's Avatar
      duke0102 -
      I've been reading that the Wii 2 is supposed to be quite a jump from the 1st Wii in specification so should be interesting
    1. amritaadani's Avatar
      amritaadani -
      well i don't like Wii console that much but lets see whats a big changes and new feature in Wii 2.
    1. duke0102's Avatar
      duke0102 -
      actually, just looking up the spec of the Wii 2. The Wii 1 seem to be just above last gen console graphics so just above PS2/Xbox 1 and the new Wii seems to be follow that routine as the specs seem just above the Xbox 360. Don't get me wrong, the 360 and PS3 have amazing graphics so it'll be something to look forward to but may seem last gen compared the latest consoles